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Log Cabin Kits-The Essentials for Log Cabin Building

Log home kits allow you to get a custom log cabin that will exactly suit your needs.
By looking at a floor plan before you settle on a design, you will be able to work out precisely how you want your cabin laid out, and of course, how big it should be.

Choosing somewhere to buy your log cabin kit is something that should be thought about carefully. Quality can vary extensively between suppliers, so can price. You generally do get what you pay for when it comes to log home kits, especially concerning the quality of the logs, amongst other factors.


Suppliers that are able to sell you custom planned log cabins will work with you on every detail, from working out each room, to discussing what type of logs, the environmental benefits of choosing one type over another, and of course, how your choice will effect things like air and water tightness. Energy is another issue you will need to consider, and this is going to depend greatly upon just where you plan to put your log cabin. Check out log cabin floor plans and plastic garden sheds also..


If you already have an idea in mind then you can certainly design your own floor plan. Or, you can work with a professional from the company you have selected to supply your kit. A good company will have quality, experienced staff on hand who can work you through every step of the planning stage before they finalise the sale.

If you’re on a budget, then you can select a pre-designed log cabin plan. The best suppliers will have multiple options for you which are ready to go, and some will allow you to slightly modify the base design for a little extra cost. They will then ship the materials to you in a modular fashion, so that it is all ready to be assembled.

Many people who have rental log homes go the kit and custom plan route because it allows them to tailor the cabin exactly to the specific environment in which it is to be placed. For example, a log home that is going to be built in a mountainous region that is under snow in winter, is generally going to be different to one built on a lake front, or even in your backyard. The destination of the log cabin has a great bearing on the way you will design it and build it.


Log cabin kits provide anyone with the opportunity to build their own custom designed log cabin without the huge expense of hiring a builder.

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Log Cabin Floor Plans

Log cabin floor plans provide a way to build your very own luxury log home in any style you want.

Whether you want to use it as a house for yourself, or rent it out as a vacation home to others, selecting to custom design your own log cabin is extremely rewarding.

Unless you have extensive building experience yourself, the best way to get started is to approach a log home specialist company who can walk you through the story book planning stage, then on to material purchase and finally, the building stage.


Keep in mind that you can only build your dream log cabin once. So whilst, if you’re on a tight budget, it can be tempting to sometimes try and save some money along the way, in the long run this can lead to expensive and disappointing problems with your cabin. Settling for less than the highest quality materials and components you can find will save you money in the short term, but can cost you in the longer term. This is something to keep in the back of your in during the process of planning and building.Check out utility storage sheds and the plastic garden shed also.

Many companies now have a database of pre-designed luxury kit homes. These log cabins are an ideal starting point, and you can then tailor your chosen one to your exact needs.


One such company is Western Log Home Supply. They provide log cabin floor plans that allow you to then customise the exact size, layout and materials that you want to base your home on. They have a free shipping offer for all log cabin floor plans and kits throughout the USA.

Southland log homes is another superb company offering a very big database of log cabin plans for you to browse. They have been in business in 1978 and are one of America’s most trusted brands in the industry. On their website is a “design your own floor plan tool” which is a very handy way to experiment with different basic plans. Once you have something in mind you can utilize their free expert custom design services to enhance the base layout that you’ve come up with.


Log cabin floor plans are an excellent way to get started with designing your new log home. It will provide a base framework to work off of, and you can then proceed to customise the home to the exact specifications and style that you’ve been dreaming of.

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Utility Sheds | Utility Storage Sheds and Tool Sheds

If you’re looking for a great way to store your tools, utility sheds are an excellent choice for quality and long life.

They are equally good as garden sheds and offer a lot of options for storing a lot of junk that may build up in your house over the years such as old clothes and so forth.


Whether you’re looking to keep home and garden equipment out of the elements or a place to store all of your tools, they’re for you. Utility sheds are also a great way to get the job done at the right price. Check out portable sheds and plastic garden sheds also.

Many storage sheds are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and stand up to heavy use. A lot of them use durable galvanized steel in their construction for maximum strength, as well as galvanized frames for durability.

There are a wide variety of finishes used for storage sheds. They include natural looking wood grain and many choices of colors. Many will have an enamel finish for the entire outside of the structure. The top models also add rust proofing primers. Whenever you need to, it’s easy to paint your shed with any paint suitable for metal surfaces.

Some utility sheds don’t include a floor, which, of course, you’ll need to construct. The best base for your storage shed is concrete, but you may opt for a sturdy wood construction to complete your project. Oftentimes your shed will come with a framing kit for your base. Whichever method you choose for your floor, it’s highly recommended that you anchor the shed to your base to avoid loss of your warranty.


Utility Shed Plans

Depending on whether you decide to purchase a prefab kit shed or build your own you might need a set of utility shed plans.Most sheds can be put together in a relatively short time, usually in a couple days. You might want to enlist the help of a friend or neighbor to make the project go smoothly.

Consider the weather as well before you begin. You’ll want to put your utility shed together on a dry day without much wind. Almost every kit comes with everything you need except the tools to put it together and, of course, the base. The instructions for assembly are usually easy to follow and walk you through the process.

Utility Storage Sheds Choices

If you plan on having a large shed, metal materials are best and are very cost effective and low maintenance.

You’ll be able to store all of your equipment safely for an affordable price. A good quality shed will also give you peace of mind with an excellent warranty, many up to 10 to 12 years, and will problably last much longer with the right maintenance. There’s not much to do, just a simple wash once in awhile will keep your shed looking like new.


Utility sheds are a perfect way to stow away anything you want and are well made to last a long time. With easy instructions and prices that won’t break the bank, you’ll be able to enjoy your shed for years to come.

When shopping for a utility storage shed give some thought also to the material you wish your shed to be constructed of as there is a wide range of choice now between traditional wooden, plastic, pvc, metal and a composite of all these types with different siding options.

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Portable Sheds-Are Cheap Portable Sheds Good Value?

You may have the idea that portable sheds aren’t up to the standards of permanent structures.

You may think the construction is substandard and not worth investing in. That’s not necessarily so. Many portable sheds are very sturdy and may be exactly what you need for your situation.


Why choose a portable shed?

Portable sheds are an excellent choice for those who are renting a property and need extra storage space. When you move, you can take it with you and save money. Plus, you don’t have to worry about leaving your investment behind and giving it to the property owner.Check out garden shed designs and plastic garden shed also.

With new construction materials, portable storage sheds are very sturdy and can easily be moved with a truck

They now come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be used as barns, workshops, pool sheds and for garden areas. Other uses include farm or other equipment storage, animal shelters and larger ones may be used to store your vehicle.

The materials you choose for construction of your portable shed need careful consideration. The climate you live in will be the major reason for the material you choose. If you live in a cold area, you have to consider the weight of the snow on the roof. The most popular materials used are wood and metal.


DIY portable shed

DIY portable sheds are great if you have a little bit of handyman in you. They’re easier to deliver and come ready to erect. They’re design is made so that you need only the most popular tools to assemble the structure.

You have many other options for your portable shed kit. They often allow you to choose walls, windows, gates, feeders and doors.

Site requirements

Be sure to check out the area where you plan to build your portable storage shed. You’ll need a flat area accessible by a truck to deliver it to you. You may want to lay down material on the path where the truck will transport it to you.


Cheap portable sheds

You can save money by opting for a less expensive or cheap portable shed. If you just need a storage solution that doesn’t require high strength and durability, the smaller sheds made of steel might be for you. You may also opt for just a canopy instead of a permanent roof.

They’re good quality material and resist the elements. If you’re just planning on storing simple things like bikes or firewood, this style of portable storage shed should meet your needs.

Although portable sheds don’t work for every need, they can be a perfect fit for your needs, especially if you’re renting property and may move soon after you purchase the shed.

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Garden Shed Designs

There are many garden shed designs from which to choose when you decide you need a garden or outdoor storage shed.

If your garden is in need of a little extra touch, then the various garden shed designs may help spruce it up. There are a wide variety of garden shed designs offering many choices for you including lean to, saltbox and gambrel.


The most important decision you’ll have to make is which one will meet your requirements and will still fit in the area where you plan to have it. Other choices include how many windows you want, what style of roof and location- will it be seen by passers by or will it be out of sight to the public? Check out plastic storage sheds and plastic garden shed also for a comparison..

Here are some very popular choices for a range of budgets..

Lean To Shed

Lean to sheds are the easiest to construct and are very economical. Depending on where you want to put it, it can be as simple as using old leftover wood or even pallets.  They range in size from small, for simple uses like keeping firewood dry, to large, for providing shelter for your animals.


Saltbox shed

If you’re looking for something more trendy and something with style, the saltbox shed might be for you.

The saltbox shed rivals the 1600s architecture of New England and its colonial style. The roof of the saltbox shed is uneven, which gives it more character and moves away from the simple square look of a typical shed. Oftentimes it’s referred to as the Queen Anne style.


MyShedPlans Banner 403 186


This architecture came about when homeowners were trying to avoid extra taxes imposed by Queen Anne for structures with more than 1 story.

Gambrel Type Shed

The gambrel style shed provides extra space for storage in it’s roof space. It has a high roof sloping on each side. It’s fashioned after the Dutch colonial introduction of the barn style to America. The gambrel construction is similar to the Mansard roof, which has one side more steep than the other, with a shallower roof on the opposite side.


There are many options for your garden shed style. If you plan on erecting it yourself, you’ll need a good plan to follow. You’ll find a wide range of plans available for you to use.

However a more convenient solution would be a prefabricated shed kit, something in metal or plastic, which you assemble yourself. And the range of prefabricated options is even wider still with different sizes and shapes to fit into even the most challenging space.

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The Rubbermaid Shed-Rubbermaid Sheds A Popular Choice for Homeowners

The Rubbermaid shed is made from a polymer resin, which is one of the strongest most durable materials made by man. Rubbermaid is a name known and trusted by millions, they have been providing quality.

Rubbermaid customers are the most satisfied customers if the sales are any indication although Keter plastic sheds are a very popular choice also.


A Rubbermaid shed is built to withstand the most brutal weather conditions and season after season they maintain there looks. The color doesn’t fade and the material never rusts or rots and they are totally resistant to the growth of mold and other fungi. It is the perfect all season shed.

Rubbermaid Storage

Rubbermaid storage can be purchased for indoor or outdoor use and come in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate even the most awkward and restricted spaces.


Horizontal Storage Units

Rubbermaid horizontal storage sheds are very versatile in their usage. They come in sizes that start at 18 cubic feet up to 92 cubic feet. You can use them for tools, toys, fertilizer storage and a whole lot more. The lid on the 92 cubic feet model slides back so you can walk right in. the floor on this model can hold up to 1300 pounds and it is ideal for storing thins like lawn mowers, bicycles or a small motor cycle. The great thing about all of the models is that they are easily assembled and will last for years. Maintenance is practically nil and you can rest easy knowing nothing will rust because they are watertight

Vertical Storage Units

The vertical plastic sheds also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have a series called “max” that range from 147 cubic feet to 467 cubic feet, that’s a whole lot of storage space. If you only have to store racks, hoes and other long handled tools you may just need the small storage shed it is 53 cubic feet and these items will fit perfectly inside.

They are all made with the doubled wall design to make certain they are water-resistant and you equipment is kept safe from the elements. They also do not dent easily so you do not have to worry about the stray baseball or banging around inside the unit. If assembled according to instructions you will never experience leaks no matter how much rain or snow falls on the unit.

The Rubbermaid shed is environmentally friendly and it is very easy to assemble. They can be used for any purpose both indoors and out. The company offers a wide range of products to serve all your storage need from shelving to storage units that can do double duty as benches. Go online and see for yourself all that Rubbermaid has to offer. They truly are storage sheds for all seasons and reasons.

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Plastic Storage Sheds – Is A Plastic Storage Shed a Good Buy?

In all probability you can purchase plastic storage sheds that will last a lifetime. Plastic and vinyl are the most durable materials used in the manufacture of outdoor storage sheds.

You can still find them made from wood and aluminum but these materials are not as durable and they require quite a bit of upkeep. The plastic storage sheds cannot be beat for price or value. In their case low price has nothing to do with the quality. These sheds offer year round protection for all of your outdoor gardening and lawn maintenance tools.

If you live in an area that has high humidity you cannot afford to be without one. They are moisture resistant and this will help you keep the metal parts of machines and tools from the damages caused by rust. They also are resistant to most forms of fungi, this means you will not have to constantly remove harmful mold from the surfaces.

They are built with clean lines and most come in a neutral color that is resistant to ultra violent rays. You may even buy them with extras such as flower boxes and skylights. Some of the outdoor storage units can be rigged with electricity for lights. These include the on and off switches.

Using vinyl and other outdoor plastic storage products can save time and money. Time because you do not have to constantly clean them and money because they last forever. Rubbermaid is one of the nations largest manufacturers of outdoor-plastic sheds.

You can purchase them a variety of sizes and styles. They range from storage bins that stack, storage containers that roll to storage units that you can drive a lawn tractor right inside. For selection and value nobody beats Rubbermaid.

You spend a lot on your tools why not spend a little to keep them safe and to cut back on having to replace costly items year after year. Plastic storage sheds are also a safe and effective way to protect your children from the possible ingestion of harmful pesticides and other chemicals. Sheds are made that can be locked for greater security.

Owning a plastic storage shed may be the best thing you do for yourself and your family. You can go online to comparison shop for the best prices and see what new lines are being offered. Vinyl is the most durable material you can find and it will stand up to some of the harshest weather conditions known to man. One great thing about vinyl is that it can weather the seasons and still come out looking beautiful.

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Suncast Sheds-The Suncast Shed Review

Are you looking for a shed that is strong and durable, then you need to look no further than Suncast Sheds? The Suncast Company makes an entire range of products for all sorts of storage needs.

These sheds are made of vinyl or plastic resin and can hold their own in most any type of weather. You will never be plagued with mold and mildew again. The vinyl outdoor sheds are watertight and they are constructed to prevent water from collecting on the surfaces.

These vinyl storage sheds can be easily cleaned, usually a simple hosing will be effective. For stubborn grime most household cleaners work just fine, spray on and wipe off immediately.


The Suncast Vinyl Shed

A Suncast vinyl shed is meant to last and is made from the highest quality vinyl and resin available. It is both stylish and will keep its color even in the most glaring sunlight. These sheds are not only practical but also affordable and no home gardener should be with one.


Having storage space for the tools for your garden or lawn care can free up space in the garage or home for use. The shed will keep tools clean and dry avoiding the need to replace them because of accumulated rust over the months when they weren’t in use.

Installation of a Suncast shed is very easy anyone can do it. All the components simply snap to one another for a perfect fit. The floors are made from quality resin. The surface is tough and it saves you the hassle of building a wooden floor or shelling out for concrete.

They are also better since they resist soaking. Wood floors can allow in water if the ground is saturated due to heavy rains. Suncast Sheds offer the most durable, affordable and stylish selection of sheds around. You can choose size and model from a huge selection and they all come in such neutral tones that they will easily blend in with your landscaping and not detract from the beauty of your home.

These sheds come in a light taupe that is practically maintenance free. The resin guards against ultra violet rays and it never requires a coat of paint. Plastic sheds are the best since the growth of fungi and rust is inhibited.

Suncast sheds can stand up in rain, sleet, hail and snow and you can rest assured that the contents of the vinyl shed will remain dry and thoroughly protected.

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Plastic Stackable Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers for food have been sold at home parties, grocery stores and department stores for years. One of the brands became so popular that it has entered the American lexicon as a word that is used to describe containers for food storage.

Tupperware was a household word in plastic storage containers for years and you could only get them from a “Tupperware Lady”. Plastic Storage containers have come a long way and the need for them has opened up the market to other manufactures that formerly did not make them. The plastic stackable food storage containers make storing items and organizing them a snap.

The fight has been long and hard between the homeowner and the uninvited guest that takes liberties with foods’ stored in boxes and bags on pantry shelves. There hasn’t been a mouse born that can open a stackable plastic storage container. That is why they are ideal for storing cereal, flour and sugar.

The use for stackable storage containers does not stop in the kitchen however. The change of the season brings with it a need to store away the fun and light clothing of summer. In most American homes today you will find that plastic stackable storage containers play a major role in this effort.

You know its spring when you see the containers pulled out and the clothes strewn all over airing out for another summer of fun and frolic. But just so you do not get the wrong idea and think that indoors is the only place you can use these wonderful additions to the storage unit family, think about all the small items you have in the garage that could be stored in stackable plastic storage containers. Stackable storage makes fast work of organizing any area and anything. It is made even easier when you use the clear plastic ones.

Plastic stackable storage containers such as bins, baskets and totes are becoming a thing that is no longer a luxury but an everyday necessity for home and garden. These are being made with wheels and even collapsible handles.

You can find these containers in all sizes, shapes and colors. We are all awaiting the next evolution of the versatile plastic stackable storage container. A note of caution here, when you are using these containers for storing your food, clothes or tools, be certain the plastic storage containers are dry on the inside and that you put nothing in them while damp. If you do you will open the lid to a total mold festival. Then hey, it wouldn’t bet he containers fault now, would it.

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A Plastic Garden Shed – What Everyone Ought To Know About Plastic Garden Sheds

It’s a pain digging through the garage to find these pesky yard clippers when the bushes need to be shorn or to figure out what to do with the patio furniture when the weather no longer calls for backyard entertaining, but a plastic garden shed is the perfect answer to these problems and more.

Worried a shed is too cost prohibitive in these economic times? This is why a plastic garden shed is the answer.

Much less pricey than wooden varieties, plastic storage sheds carry none of the risk of termites or wood warping and deterioration and are much easier to put together; yet, are just as durable and as nice an accompaniment to the back yard décor.

Some popular brands to look at when buying a plastic garden shed are Keter, Duramax, and Rubbermaid.

Keter Plastic Sheds

Keter Plastic Ltd. has been making quality plastic products for the home and garden for over sixty years. Keter Plastic is particularly known for their plastic storage sheds, and they are the industry wide leader of plastic outdoor storage, plastic garden storage being only one of their products.


A Keter plastic garden shed is a useful storage management system for all garden and yard needs, not to mention they produce especially attractive plastic garden sheds.

Keter garden sheds are steel enforced for durability and wind resistance and require no maintenance once the plastic garden shed is in place.  Keter plastic storage sheds are durable and waterproof, and many come with such attractive features such as windows, shutters, skylights, and floors, but their prices are affordable.

Keter is a great company if one is in the market for a low price, high quality plastic garden shed.

Duramax Sheds

Besides Keter, Duramax is another maker of plastic storage sheds.  Makers of vinyl plastic storage sheds and other vinyl yard products, Duramax, part of US Polymers, has spent their lifetime as an innovative leader in the plastic garden shed market since 1983 and is committed to providing low cost, quality products.

In addition to the normal upsides of plastic storage sheds, a Duramax plastic garden shed is made with a special vinyl resin which withstands heat and strong sun, lasting longer and fading less quickly than other plastic storage sheds.

Duramax vinyl plastic storage sheds can last a lifetime.  They are among the strongest plastic storage sheds on the market, and come with steel reinforcements.


Duramax is shorthand for maximum durability, and this commitment to customer satisfaction and great products keeps their vinyl plastic storage sheds at the top of the plastic garden shed market.

Rubbermaid Sheds

One more excellent maker of plastic storage sheds is Rubbermaid. Rubbermaid is widely known as an amazing company for plastic and plastic vinyl products, selling everything from food containers to plastic storage sheds.


Rubbermaid sheds, while a bit less fancy than Duramax or Keter plastic storage sheds, are the ideal plastic garden shed for those as a budget, as there are Rubbermaid sheds that can be found online for as little as a hundred dollars, although the Rubbermaid name ensures that the Rubbermaid shed will be a fine product.

No matter what the budget, a plastic garden shed is the perfect solution for storage woes.