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Log Cabin Kits-The Essentials for Log Cabin Building

Log home kits allow you to get a custom log cabin that will exactly suit your needs.
By looking at a floor plan before you settle on a design, you will be able to work out precisely how you want your cabin laid out, and of course, how big it should be.

Choosing somewhere to buy your log cabin kit is something that should be thought about carefully. Quality can vary extensively between suppliers, so can price. You generally do get what you pay for when it comes to log home kits, especially concerning the quality of the logs, amongst other factors.


Suppliers that are able to sell you custom planned log cabins will work with you on every detail, from working out each room, to discussing what type of logs, the environmental benefits of choosing one type over another, and of course, how your choice will effect things like air and water tightness. Energy is another issue you will need to consider, and this is going to depend greatly upon just where you plan to put your log cabin. Check out log cabin floor plans and plastic garden sheds also..


If you already have an idea in mind then you can certainly design your own floor plan. Or, you can work with a professional from the company you have selected to supply your kit. A good company will have quality, experienced staff on hand who can work you through every step of the planning stage before they finalise the sale.

If you’re on a budget, then you can select a pre-designed log cabin plan. The best suppliers will have multiple options for you which are ready to go, and some will allow you to slightly modify the base design for a little extra cost. They will then ship the materials to you in a modular fashion, so that it is all ready to be assembled.

Many people who have rental log homes go the kit and custom plan route because it allows them to tailor the cabin exactly to the specific environment in which it is to be placed. For example, a log home that is going to be built in a mountainous region that is under snow in winter, is generally going to be different to one built on a lake front, or even in your backyard. The destination of the log cabin has a great bearing on the way you will design it and build it.


Log cabin kits provide anyone with the opportunity to build their own custom designed log cabin without the huge expense of hiring a builder.

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Log Cabin Floor Plans

Log cabin floor plans provide a way to build your very own luxury log home in any style you want.

Whether you want to use it as a house for yourself, or rent it out as a vacation home to others, selecting to custom design your own log cabin is extremely rewarding.

Unless you have extensive building experience yourself, the best way to get started is to approach a log home specialist company who can walk you through the story book planning stage, then on to material purchase and finally, the building stage.


Keep in mind that you can only build your dream log cabin once. So whilst, if you’re on a tight budget, it can be tempting to sometimes try and save some money along the way, in the long run this can lead to expensive and disappointing problems with your cabin. Settling for less than the highest quality materials and components you can find will save you money in the short term, but can cost you in the longer term. This is something to keep in the back of your in during the process of planning and building.Check out utility storage sheds and the plastic garden shed also.

Many companies now have a database of pre-designed luxury kit homes. These log cabins are an ideal starting point, and you can then tailor your chosen one to your exact needs.


One such company is Western Log Home Supply. They provide log cabin floor plans that allow you to then customise the exact size, layout and materials that you want to base your home on. They have a free shipping offer for all log cabin floor plans and kits throughout the USA.

Southland log homes is another superb company offering a very big database of log cabin plans for you to browse. They have been in business in 1978 and are one of America’s most trusted brands in the industry. On their website is a “design your own floor plan tool” which is a very handy way to experiment with different basic plans. Once you have something in mind you can utilize their free expert custom design services to enhance the base layout that you’ve come up with.


Log cabin floor plans are an excellent way to get started with designing your new log home. It will provide a base framework to work off of, and you can then proceed to customise the home to the exact specifications and style that you’ve been dreaming of.