Keter Plastic Sheds – An Incredibly Popular Choice in Outdoor Storage

One leading supplier of plastic storage sheds is a company called Keter. Keter sheds offer a wide range of choices when it comes to outdoor storage shed solutions.

Keters sheds are, like Rubbermaid, made from plastic and so offer a durable, long lasting and low maintenance solution to your storage problems.

Keter sheds can be categorizes into their Big Shed range, vertical sheds, horizontal sheds, compact sheds and rattan style storage sheds.

They also supply a range of plastic storage buildings as well as dog houses, boxes and tool storage solutions.

Keter shed parts are available from their website along with assembly instructions  for all of their sheds.

Keter Bellevue Shed

The Keter Bellevue shed is a popular choice as it includes a skylight and double doors to afford ease of access for your tractor mower. Like all sheds from Keter it features a steel reinforced construction  system and also boasts a floor panel and a water collection gutter with a 7 year warranty.

All Keter sheds have plastic floor panels ensuring a dry, firm surface at all times and come in many natural colors which allow them to blend in well with your surroundings.

Keeter’s larger sheds such as the Horizon, Fortis, Apollo, Orion and Summit ranges include skylights, opening windows, rain gutters and ventilation. There are also a wide range of accessories for your Keter shed such as shelving, brackets etc.


Their different models include the Infinity range of sheds but also includes extension kits, high sheds, XL sheds and more compact sheds such as the Compact shed and Mini shed.

There is also an in between size called the Midi compact.

Keeter also do a nice range of Rattan style sheds which have numerous purposes and come in a range of sizes and shapes.

Some of the advantages of Keter plastic garden sheds include

  • Decorative hardware in the larger sheds
  • Water collection systems
  • Opening windows
  • Additional side access doors
  • Skylights
  • Great ventilation
  • Sturdy and termite proof construction

Keter sheds appear to offer a storage solution for practically any stuff lying around your home including gardening equipment, bicycles, tools, sports equipment and any other stuff you may wish to get out of the house.

The different sizes of shed and storage boxes combined with the ease of cleaning with a damp cloth, ease of assembly, pre drilled holes to anchor your shed, warranties that run up to 10 years, uv treatment and fade resistance, 16 pounds per square foot snow load and the fact that Keter sheds are waterproof make these sheds a very smart investment.

You can also download the assembly instructions for each shed on the Keter sheds website (

All Keter sheds are made from polypropylene which is almost 100% recyclable.

Keter Apex Storage Sheds

One of the most popular Keter sheds is the Keter Apex. It comes on 2 sizes-the 8 ft by 6ft and the 6 ft by 3 ft. The Apex is currently on offer on Amazon at a pretty good price and qualifies for free shipping.




Most users of the Keter Apex found it

  • very easy to assemble
  • found the 6 ft by 3 ft very convenient where space was limited
  • used it for storing the lawn tractor in the summer and the snow blower in the winter
  • did not leak and was quite waterproof
  • that it compared very well with other similar sheds on the market from Rubbermaid, Suncast and similar plastic sheds.

You can check it out on Amazon here.

Keter Fortis Storage Shed

The Keter Fortis storage shed is an 8 ft by 11 ft shed which can store your bigger gardening equipment, snow blowers or whatever you choose.

The list price of the Keter Fortis is just under $1,500 but currently it is on sale on at a saving of $300.

It has a

  • storage capacity of 528 cubic feet
  • windows and shutters
  • two skylights
  • decorative doors and handles.


Users who have purchased this shed rate it better than the Rubbermaid or Lifetime sheds, note: one of the few quibbles with the Fortis is that even though it comes with brackets for shelves it does not come with shelves.

You can take a look at the Keter Fortis Shed here. (We checked prices at other suppliers and found that Amazon offers the best deal at the moment).